Ruby’s 13 Month Update!

So another month has flown by and our smallest is now 13 months and slowly moving even further away from being my baby and turning into a proper little girl!

This month she has loved Hannah being home for the school holidays – much to Han’s frustration! She loves following her around, stealing her food and generally being as boisterousΒ as ever.20170725_091838

She has learnt to climb, anything she can drag around so she can get some height to get on the table, sofa, bed will be moved so I do definitely now need eyes in the back of my head! She has also mastered running, she no longer walks anywhere she runs, everywhere. She is obsessed with the stairs and sneaking up when we forget to shut the gate then running around causing havoc in the bedrooms. I often go up and shout ‘Ruby!’ to be greeted with silence while she hides down Daddy’s side of the bed or in hers and Hannahs room.20170722_183946

She can say ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’ and anything that looks vaguely like a phone gets held to her ear as if she is talking to someone. She has also mastered the art of a selfie, holding the ‘phone’ at arm’s length,Β then tapping away at the ‘screen’ I can only guess she is uploading it to Instagram! She can say ‘bye’ and ‘No’ so most of her phone conversations go something like ‘Hi, no no no, Bye’ I have also noticed when she does this phone call she leaves the room, not sure if it’s on purpose though!

Everything is an adventure and she is starting to get more comfortable around strangers again, happily going to my friend’s she’s only met once/twice, especially if there’s something in it for her, like food! Talking about food, this kid does not stop eating, I don’t know where she puts it all…I am guessing its all the extra energy needed for all the running around. She has learnt to use a fork and spoon this month too, not particularly well but she tries!20170707_171217

Bath time is still a favourite, throwing toys out the bath and splashing us all. She has also found a new love of books and will sit happily flicking through her board books for ages until she gets bored and donks the dog with them. Our poor dog really gets bullied by Ruby but he is so patient with her and slowly she is learning to be more gentle with him.

She has two more teeth this month too which have been causing her a bit of aggro these last few days so hopefully, they come through fully soon and we get another break before the next lot!

I am excited to see what she gets up to in the next month. Time seems to be going so fast!

C x

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