Siblings Project – July 2017


A little late writing this month’s Siblings project. Time seems to be running away with me at the moment between work, school and the kids I literally can’t seem to get everything done!

Anyhooooo….this month marked Ruby’s first birthday! I was really looking forward to getting lots of pictures of the kids but, yep you guessed it, I got hardly any! Luckily I managed to get a few others though!

Ruby has become even more interested in Hannah this month (if that was even possible!) and has become her shadow when she is here, following her round and wanting to sit with her and play with her. Its really lovely to watch, even if Hannah does get a bit annoyed with her!

Hannah is still taking the role of second Mummy big sister very seriously but has started comforting Ruby when I tell her off and she throws a strop! We have had to have a little chat about when it is appropriate to offer cuddles when I’ve just told her off for something is not a good time! Ruby had obviously cottoned onto the fact Han will give her a cuddle as I tell her off and she goes and puts her arms up to her sister!

Ruby can finally say ‘NaNa’ which we are all presuming to mean Hannah as she often looks for her as she is saying it. It’s really sweet that they have such a strong bond despite their age gap!

Heres some of the pictures I managed to get this month.

Hopefully, they continue to get along next month as the long 6 week school holidays looms ahead!

C x


The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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