Ruby is One!


So I am only a little late writing this (a week and a half…it could have been worse!) but when you turn one the celebrations appear to just go on and on!

Ruby had a lovely birthday, we spent the day at Legoland as Mark took the day off to help her celebrate, we had a little tea party at home with My parents and My Brother and Sister-in-law and then Marks parents came over for dinner and more presents on the Sunday. Ruby has been very spoilt and really got into the present opening!

Here are the things Ruby has liked this month:

  • Daddy, Daddy is always the favourite, she loves spending the whole day with him on a Wednesday when I go to work and even got to go and play in Daddy’s garage this week when he was fixing a friends car.
  • Any food you put in front of her
  • Playing in the paddling pool
  • Ice Cream
  • Following Hannah around, putting her hands up to her when Mummy and Daddy are trying to do something she doesn’t want to do…like changing her nappy
  • Charging around with no clothes on after her bath
  • Harassing the dog, shouting ‘woof’ in his face, climbing over him
  • Climbing on her new chair she got for her birthday and pointing the remote at the TV.
  • Emptying the kitchen cupboards and hiding things in the washing machine/tumble dryer.
  • Her new forward facing car seat
  • Iggle Piggle and Upsey Daisy…still
  • Bubbles!
  • Babbling non-stop, trying to have conversations even though I have no idea what she is saying.
  • Tipping her water out all over the floor and then splashing in it.
  • Looking at the fish at Nanny and Grandads.

She definitely seems to have become more of a character in the last month alone. She has these really funny facial expressions and loves it when she makes us laugh. I am hoping in the next couple of months she learns a few more words so I can actually begin to understand more of what she wants as we are approaching the frustrated stage. Her strops are becoming quite regular when you tell her ‘No’, she throws herself on the floor then looks up to check if anyone is watching her if she is like that at 1, I wonder what the terrible 2s will be like!

I am looking forward to seeing what the next Month brings 🙂

C x


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