Indoor Activities for Kids on Hot Days

So Britain is in the midst of a heatwave and it’s roasting. I am not the biggest fan of stupidly hot weather unless I am on a beach or next to a pool with a cold drink in my hand. Hannah doesn’t seem to care about being hot and she just gets on with it. Ruby, however, doesn’t cope so well. Since we don’t have a garden I have been thinking of activities we can do indoors or in the little bit of space we have outside our front door to keep the kids cool. I know we have a lot of really good places nearby with splash pools but it isn’t always practical and everything costs so much money! Yesterday I filled up the washing up bowl with cold water and gave them some plastic cups to pour and splash around. I had envisioned that this would be quite simple but actually, it’s quite hard work to stop Ruby from wandering off near the stairs and all the water just flowed over the edge to the yard downstairs, luckily my friend lives below us so I knew there wouldn’t be a problem!

The girls had fun even if we did make a bit of a mess, it is only water after all!

I asked some fellow bloggers for ideas of activities to do inside on hot days to keep the kids cool, take a look below….

  1. Freeze some toys, dinosaurs etc in ice and do some excavations! – Ready Freddie Go
  2. Taking a cool bath in the daytime sorting toys into toys that float and toys that sink. – The Happy Weaner
  3. Make frozen yoghurt ice cubes or smoothie lollies…littles can chop soft fruit with a plastic knife & learn different fruits & colours at the same time. – The Amphletts
  4. Making coloured rice, and playing with a sand/water table using old spoons, cups, anything that they can fill the rice with. – My Family of Roses
  5. Painting bread, Mix Greek yoghurt with food colouring, give the child a paint brush and off they go to paint the bread….which can be eaten afterwards! – All Things Baby and Me
  6. Water play – washing up bowl full of cold water and put bath toys in there 😊 my 15 month old loves this! – Mummy and Liss
  7. Planting fruit and veg or flower seeds – I just get a few packs of seeds some soil and pots put a huge plastic mat down and let them plant they love it – Ankle Biters Adventures
  8. Making a large fresh fruit salad. Chop up lots of different coloured fruits, cover in a fruit juice and chill. – Truly Madly Cuckoo

So there you have it, some ideas to keep the kids entertained indoors during this weather.

What are you all doing to cope in the heat?

C x


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