Siblings Project – June 2017


This month we have been enjoying some beautiful weather which means lots of picnics and BBQsย in both Mum’s garden and Mark’s parents. I’ve been really enjoying taking pictures of both of the kids together and watching how they interact, not just using the time Hannah is entertaining Ruby to get jobs done. Hannah is really enjoying playing ‘second Mummy’ and looking after Ruby. She always asks me ‘Did I teach her to do that?!’ and loves talking to her…even though she is still nowhere near saying ‘Sisa’!!

Here are some of our photos of the girls together for this month.

Hopefully, the lovely weather continues for the next month too ๐Ÿ™‚ I wonder what photos I will get next month – with Ruby’s birthday I am sure there will be lots for me to choose from!

C x

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