20 Facts About Me

As I have got quite a few new followers who are complete strangers, I thought I would do a post about me (quite self-indulgent I know!) Here’s my list of 20 facts about me….

  1. I wear contact lenses, most of the time, people are often shocked when they see me in glasses!
  2. I am afraid of people when I can’t see their faces. Facepaint and masks are my worst nightmare (never ask my mum about the time we went to London Dungeons!)
  3. I’m petrified of clowns…see above.
  4. I hate driving – if I can get someone else to drive I will.
  5. I quite like cleaning, but only if there are no kids in the house messing it up behind me.
  6. I can’t save money, I have mentally spent it before I have got it.
  7. I can eat my body weight in chocolate in one sitting. Sharing bags are NOT for sharing.
  8. I hate sand. I don’t like it on my feet – especially when it’s wet.
  9. I don’t really like other people’s kids. Especially when they are in a confined space (think soft play on a rainy day)
  10. I have to be the first person to get into bed when I have changed the sheets!
  11. I like anything to do with death, I’m interested in what happens after you die and I would love to be an embalmer (morbid I know!).
  12. I much prefer winter over summer…It’s much easier to dress in jeans and a jumper than summer clothes.
  13. I love reading and can read a book in a day (if I have time!)
  14. I don’t particularly like going to the cinema. Mainly because I can’t pause it to go to the loo.
  15. I could Nap for England. If napping was an Olympic sport I would win gold every time.
  16. I can do a headstand (tested the other day…I can still do it!)
  17. I used to bite my nails until they bled.
  18. I can’t pluck my own eyebrows. I always go and get them done.
  19. I love going to John Lewis to ‘browse’ (mentally spend money) and have lunch.
  20. My perfect day would be spent in bed with a good book.

So there you have it 20 facts about me. I wonder if there were any surprises in there?!

C x

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