Hannah’s Half Term – In Her Own Words

Since Hannah spent the half term school holidays with her Dad, I thought it would be fun to let her ‘guest post’ on here. Hannah was so excited that she could write her own post for the blog (which she loves reading!). Everything written below is in her own words and typed with her own hands….I have just added in some punctuation and spelling corrections, oh and put in the photos…as instructed…enjoy!

This half term I was with Daddy. On Tuesday I went to Legoland. We got on two busses one to Slough Centre and one to Legoland. When we arrived daddy said, “this is going to be so much fun”. We went on Mia’s riding school, The Dragon and the new Ninjago ride. It was so much fun. Then we watched the lego friends show and I had my photo taken with Mia, Olivia and Andrea.

On Wednesday we went to Go Ape. They put a harness on me and Daddy and then we did a practice of what we will do on one of the courses, there was a hole so we put our legs down and showed the worker how we would go down zip wire. Then we went up onto the small one which had a rope next to us so we could hold on. My favourite part was going on the big one and going down the zip wire, I landed forwards not on my bottom!


IMG-20170603-WA0003 - Copy
This is Me with the Ape outside Go Ape.


After Go Ape, we went home and got changed and then we went to catch a bus to go bowling. When we got there we went to the snack bar and ordered some chips and got a Slush Puppy. Then we did bowling and Daddy won but I did beat my first score. My first score was 58 and my second score was 67.

On Thursday we went to London. We went to Office to get Daddy’s new shoes but they didn’t have them so we went to get a Subway. We went to watch School of Rock at the theatre. It was so good. Then we went to Hamleys where I looked at the toys and I bought a new toy. After this we went to catch the train back home.IMG-20170603-WA0004 - Copy

On Friday, I played with my new toy and on the trampoline in the garden. Then Mummy and Ruby came to collect me and take me home. I was so excited to be home.

When I got home there was a surprise for me…Mummy and Ruby had sorted my room out and now it is nice and tidy! You can read about it here: The Big Bedroom Sort Out (Mummy wrote that bit!)

I had a nice half term with Daddy.

Hannah x

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