The Big Bedroom Sort Out

We recently swapped rooms with Hannah, she had the bigger room but we had the built in wardrobes. We decided she could get better use out of the big wardrobes than us and so we swapped. This also meant that Ruby didn’t have to change room when they started sharing as we would just swap when we wanted the girls to start sharing. As a result, it has taken ages to get everything sorted. A combination of Ruby not letting me get anything done and being just lazy about it meant that Ruby couldn’t be put on the floor in her own room because of all of Hannahs little bits and pieces everywhere.

Well, this week I finally sorted it all out without Hannah here (meaning I could get rid of loads of her CRAP stuff she doesn’t play with anymore without her protesting!).

We got Hannah’s bunk bed from Littlewoods after she had outgrown her cabin bed. It’s really sturdy and can be split into two single beds if we ever move and the girls have their own rooms. Hannah is excited to have sleepovers with her friends, I just need to buy a mattress for the top bunk and decide what to do with the ridiculous amount of cuddly toys! Ruby’s cot is from Mothercare and we use an air wrap instead of a bumper as these are not recommended now. You can see Ewan the sheep in his spot in the corner!

The two cube units at the end of the girl’s beds each have their toys in or bags in Hannahs case. Hannah used to have all her stuff in all 8 drawers and now I have managed to condense it all down to just 4…yes I threw away a lot!!

One of my main concerns with the girls sharing is the age gap. With nearly 7 years between them, Hannah has a lot of stuff which just isn’t suitable for little ones (smiggle rubbers anyone!?). I decided to turn the big double wardrobe into a little zone for Hannah where she can keep all her things and shut the door on it when she doesn’t want Ruby in there.

As you can see her bookshelf and desk fits nicely, she’s got her certificates and photos on the wall and all her pens, hair clips etc are all up out of the way of Ruby. I love that she can shut the door on it and feel like it is her private area.

The room feels a little clinical at the moment because the walls and furniture are white but I do plan to decorate soon. They have a loose campervan theme going on with the curtains, bedding and light shade which we will carry on with some wall art and more accessories.

I am so pleased that I managed to get it sorted out and Hannah is thrilled with her corner in the cupboard as she calls it! Ruby has been enjoying running around and pulling out all her toys too!

I wonder how long it will stay that tidy?!

C x

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