Ruby Is 11 Months Old!

I’m not sure where the last month has gone! Since I have been back at work life seems to be passing in a blink of an eye. Ruby turned 11 months old today…it seems like only yesterday I was saying she is 10 months!DSC_0543First things first…Ruby learnt to walk! She has been walking now for about 3 weeks and now definitely prefers her feet to crawling. Until yesterday she was only able to get up on her feet by crawling to something to stand up on but today she has just started randomly standing. I guess we are a fully fledged walker now. Now she can walk it does make some trips a bit more exciting. Visits to the park, Nanny and Grandad’s garden and even the car show we visited earlier this month, have all got a bit more exciting for our little mover now she can trot off to see whatever she wants.

Ruby is still carrying on her love affair with Iggle Piggle, she has started putting him into the car seat and rocking him saying ‘shhhh!’ – can’t possibly think where she gets that from!! She also offers him her dummy and teddy, its so lovely to see her caring side. Ruby also still enjoys playing with the dogs toys, on a daily basis. Its not like she hasn’t got enough of her own….his are obviously much more exciting, probably because she knows she isn’t allowed them!

This month we also had some gorgeous weather so Ruby had her first go in the paddling pool over at Mums. It was so cold when we filled it up with the hose that we ended up putting a couple of kettles full of hot water in too. Not that it made much difference, Ruby didn’t seem to mind the cold water. Was lovely to see her splashing around and having a fabulous time.DSC_0368

She has now got 6 teeth and she thinks its hilarious when we brush them. She doesn’t stop eating and I don’t think there is anything she wont eat! She still calls all animals ‘Ish’ and says ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ all the time. I have heard her say ‘Nana’ a couple of times too. Hannah is desperate for her to say ‘Sisa’ which is what we call Hannah but I think that’s a bit tricky.

I can’t believe the next time I do an update she will be 1 year old! I wonder what the next month will bring?!

C x

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