No Room For a Play Room?

Compared to some of our friend’s houses we are definitely short of space. When Hannah was small we lived in a flat and she kept all her toys in her room except a small wooden toy box which we kept in the lounge, this also doubled up as a coffee table or seat when we had people over. As the flat was all on one level she could quite happily toddle into her room and get her toys as and when she wanted without me worrying about stairs or any real dangers.

Hannah Aged 11 Months when we lived in our flat.

Now we live over two floors and it just isn’t practical to keep all of Ruby’s toys upstairs and out of sight.

A lot of out friends have play rooms and I didn’t really notice how useful a ‘toy room’ would be until Ruby’s toys started taking over the whole lounge. Now I am not all that tidy however in the evening once the kids are in bed the toys are sooooo distracting. It doesn’t matter how you order them it always looks untidy – like they don’t really belong there and I was starting to miss there being ‘adult space’ in our home. I began looking for an area which could be put to better use and decided that the under stairs area was wasted and could become our toy nook. Our dog got evicted to the lounge (Sorry Bailey!) and the toys got moved to under the stairs.IMG-20170322-WA0001

Luckily I already had a car mat, which Hannah hated but interestingly Ruby loves, which I have put down on the floor to make it a bit softer and warmer for when little bottoms are sitting on the hard floor.

The walls looked a bit bare so I took myself off to Homebase and got some nice wall stickers (which cost less than ยฃ20!) which I think makes all the difference!

I totally didn’t expect the kids to sit and actually play under there – I thought it was going to be more storage that’s out the way so I can shut the door on it in the evenings but actually both girls sit under there and play together. I have caught Hannah on more than one occasion sat playing with the baby toys alone too! It’s worked out really well as if I am in the Kitchen I can see what Ruby is up to easily and I can also see her from my vantage point on the sofa!

I already have some ideas of what I am going to do when Ruby is a little older and can keep her toys upstairs, I might turn it into a homework zone or a reading nook…who knows!

C x

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