5 Things To Do For Under A Fiver This May Bank Holiday

When you have kids, everything is expensive. The stuff they need, the stuff they want and the places they just HAVE to go to. I wouldn’t say we are on a particularly tight budget most of the time, but anyone who knows me knows I love a good cheap day out. Especially if its a freebie!

I thought I’d put together a few ideas of cheap things families can get up to for less than a fiver this bank holiday. Yes, that’s right all 4 of us doing things TOGETHER for less than FIVE POUNDS!!

1) Visit a Garden Centre.

Not just any old garden centre…one with animals. Ruby LOVES fish so we can waste spend ages wandering around letting her look at all the fish swimming around their tanks, its basically a free aquarium (just on a much smaller scale) the garden centre we usually visit has a soft play in the cafe area so for the price of a couple of cups of coffee the kids can run riot for an hour. It also has an outside play area too so if the weather is nice they can have a go on the climbing frame too. All for the price of a cup of coffee – and who doesn’t like coffee?!

2) Go for a walk in the woods. 20170406_154116As I have mentioned before in previous posts, we don’t have a garden so we often go for walks especially as it means the baby usually gets a good nap. I usually try and incorporate Geocaching into it as it means that Hannah has something useful to do and she makes us follow the route (for those that don’t know geocaching is a real life treasure hunt from an app on phones….look it up its lots of fun!).  Most big country parks have a play area and lots of open green space so take a football or Frisbee and a picnic if the weather is good (which it probably wont be…this is a bank holiday weekend in ENGLAND after all!). If we don’t have time to go to a big country park we are lucky enough to live on the edge of a nature reserve, so often Hannah gets her bike and we go for a walk/ride around the park. We also like collecting obscure items like nice looking leaves, stones, sticks etc and making nice pictures with them when we get home. It usually costs about £2.50 in peak times to park the car so provided you don’t buy food/coffee/ice cream its cheap as chips!

3) Go to the library. 20170223_094945Most local library’s have children’s areas with books (obviously!) and some toys like these fabulous big Lego pieces (which Ruby obviously thought were really tasty!). We sometimes go to our library so the kids can have a mooch around. Hannah is happy choosing books to borrow while Ruby just crawls around causing havoc. They often put on events during the school holidays some of which are free, some which ask for a small donation so its worth a look. There is also a small cafe if you wanted a coffee while your browsing for a new book! Our library also has computers which are available to use and DVDs available to borrow too. Total cost = absolutely nothing (If you don’t buy coffee!!)

4) Visit a park you haven’t been to before.

In our local town there are LOADS of play parks, some better than others admittedly, but we always end up going to the same ones over and over again. I often drive past a park and think ‘that one looks good we must try that one’ but for some reason, we never get round to it…until now! New parks are lots of fun, different equipment to try and different children to play with. Often parking is free for parks and they are usually attached to more open green space so take some snacks and a drink, a football and you’re all set for a FREE afternoon out!

5) Go for a picnic – I know I know I said it before and I will say it again…this is England and a bank holiday so the weather is going to be rubbish but we love a good picnic.20170405_121224 Hannah often helps making the food, sandwiches, cupcakes, gathering the crisps and drinks and we head off to any green space we can find. If the weather is bad why not have an indoor picnic? If your kids are anything like mine there is something quite exciting about sitting on the floor inside eating off a blanket. Why not make a den and have an indoor camp. Provided there is food in the fridge this will cost you absolutely nothing!

So there you have it – May Bank Holiday on a budget! Let me know what you get up to!

C x

**This is a collaborative post for Provident –Don’t Break The Bank Holiday All words and opinions are my own**

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