Baby Food Cook-athon!

So every few weeks I do a bulk cook and put in tubs in the freezer for the baby. We use these on days when we are having something she can’t have or we are eating later and there isn’t anything for her to have to hand. I like to know that there are healthy meals pre-prepared and frozen for her just in case. This week it was the turn of two favorites: Chicken Casserole and Pasta Sauce.


I loosely follow the Annabel Karmel recipes I found on her website Here and Here. Just depends what veg we have in as to what I actually add. The pasta sauce is particularly good as Hannah will eat this too not realising its jam packed with the good stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

I usually don’t use garlic as Ruby isn’t a huge fan of it. I adapt the recipe depending on what we actually have in the house when the urge to have a cook-athon arises. I also don’t use the low salt stock cubes (I know I know salt content blah blah blah) but we never have them in the house, we don’t use them ourselves, and I cook such big batches by the time its portioned out it would amount to next to nothing anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

I still mash/whoosh the casserole in the food processor just not as much as I used to. Only because the end result is quite soup like not like a standard casserole and it makes it easier for a meal on the go when I can feed her, although I am sure she would manage just fine with it by herself!


I put the casserole in pots in the freezer so they are already portioned out and its just a case of defrosting it. For anyone who is interested our pots are mainly from Ikea and Poundland. We also keep any pots/glass jars from baby food desserts like the fruit custard, they come with fabulous little plastic pots with lids which are very handy! With the pasta sauce I blend it so its smooth and then pop into icecube trays to be frozen. I usually defrost about 2 if its just for Ruby and about 5-6 if Hannah is having some too. I used to mix it with baby pasta but now she just has standard pasta chopped up with some cheese on top.

I feel so much better knowing that I am organised and if we decide to get a cheeky take away or we decide to have something that isn’t baby friendly there is always something ready to just be defrosted. We have some other favorites too….’baby’ chicken curry is yummy I keep meaning to make it for all of us!

Now who said this feeding the baby thing was hard work?!

C x

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