A Day at Legoland Windsor


Mothers Day – Lets go to Legoland they said….

We had to collect our new Merlin Passes we had brought at Christmas so off we went. We got there early – just after it opened at 10am and the car park appeared to be nearly full, however on closer inspection there were lots of spaces – just dotted around. It appears that Lego don’t employ staff to park people in neat rows like they do at other Merlin Attractions.

Getting the passes was relatively quick and pain free. I had filled in most of the info online so it was just a case of Β having new pictures printed onto the cards and collecting them. My Mum who was with us to collect her pass decided she wasn’t coming in but we decided to go down to the park so that the kids could go on some rides. Would have been a bit mean to just go home!

I am beginning to wonder if there is ever a time when Legoland isn’t busy. Ok, I know it was a Sunday – but it was Mothers day and the beginning of the season so I didn’t think it would be THAT bad. I was wrong. The queues for some of the bigger rides that my 7 year old likes (the dragon for example) was over an hour long. Not ideal with a 9 month old in the buggy. Luckily my 7 year old is quite understanding and as Windsor is local to us we said we can come back after school one day for her to do the bigger rides. She was quite happy to do some of the smaller rides with smaller queues and watch the NEW pirate show (more about that in a minute)

The characters were all out in full force and we managed to get quite a few photos with them which was lovely as Hannah loves a photo opportunity.

Now…for years and years of being forced (okay maybe forced is a bit strong) to watch the Pirate show (‘We’re the pirates hey!’ ringing any bells) I have been quietly wishing to myself they would do a new one, the old one has been going for years and we practically knew it word for word. This year my wish was granted we have a NEW PIRATE SHOW! How exciting. We actually ended up watching it as a spur of the moment thing so ended up standing by the railings in the ‘splash zone’ maybe this is why I didn’t enjoy it or maybe it was the endless amounts of kids pushing in front of the buggy to sit down on the floor or stand right in front of us so we couldn’t see, Β but I just couldn’t get into it. I couldn’t follow the story and I didn’t enjoy their new song either. It calls for some audience participation, resulting in all the adults also standing, cue screams of frustration from the kids at the back who then cant see what the hell is going on. The whole thing seemed a bit rushed and thrown together which didn’t quite hit the spot for me. Hopefully it gets better as they get used to performing it.

One thing we did like……20170326_121634.jpg

Yes thats right…its a Lego pirate! We loved him!

Lunch in the Pizza and Pasta Place was busy, again we got a free plate for the baby like we did at Chessington but everyone was being typically British queuing nicely for all of the different sections…which is quite frankly ridiculous when you want one slice of cucumber and a dollop of sauce and the queues are back to the door. But hey who am I to complain!

Overall we had a fabulous time, however if I had paid nearly Β£150 on the gate for us to all get in I wouldn’t be happy it was sooooooo busy and you would only have realistically managed to get about 4 rides, pirate show and lunch done before a mooch around the shop and Mini land. Lots of parents letting their kids push in or jump ahead which really annoys me but I dont let Hannah queue for any rides by herself when I cant see her so I can usually control those situations with a friendly ‘hey get back there we were first!’ type comment!!

Maybe will take a quick trip down during the Easter School Holidays…you never know πŸ™‚

C x

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