Sleeping Through!!!

Soooooo the baby is sleeping…ALL NIGHT….and I cant help it I want to shout from the roof tops! All those people who I fantasied about punching in the face when the so much as mumbled the words ‘Oh my darling Jemima slept through from Birth’ or ‘Archibald never slept through until he was 14, its going to be a long few years for you’ I apologise because we have cracked it…and I feel like a new woman.

It all started when we moved her into the other bedroom, to share with her sister and in turn get a little bit of adult space back. In the cot went and the new bunk beds went up (part bribe to my 7 year old who suddenly had to share her room, part future investment) After a hideous few nights of going backwards and forwards and her screaming all night, keeping her sister awake we decided that actually she was too cold and so we had a rejig and moved the cot. Still no joy, still waking roughly every 2 hours back to 4 hourly bottles at night and me being the most horrible person in the world after next to no sleep. My good friend Becky made a comment about how she probably missed ‘our smell’ and being in the other room was too far away. While I understand this was probably the case, she wasn’t coming back, we had made the move she was staying there! Mark gave her one of his t-shirts. She now cuddles up to it because it smells of him which has been a big factor in all of this.


I never thought I would see the day when we didn’t have the sound on. (we have a video monitor so I can still see her just cant hear her!) If she cries out we are next door and to be honest I have been letting her cry it out a bit the few times she has woken and shock horror she has been self settling.Ruby monitor

I don’t want to jinx it but we are about a week in of sleeping from 7 until about 5:30Β -6 am and No I don’t know if she is waking in the night all I know is she isn’t waking anyone and she could have a party in her cot for all I care because for the first time in 8 months I slept for 8 hours last night (according to my trusty fitbit) and I feel FABULOUS!

Now I am off to join the Smug Mumma Club!

C x

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