Chessington World of Adventures – Review

Hi guys,


During Half Term we visited Chessington World of Adventures for one of their ‘Animal Adventures’ days. The park is usually closed all winter but they open up at weekends for ‘Zoo Days’ and these Adventure days during half term. We decided to make use of our Merlin passes and have a day out. There were lots of parking spaces available but despite it being cold there were quite a few people about. It costs around £15 each to get in if you don’t have a pass but it would have been money well spent. The whole Zoo was open as well as a few rides, mainly geared towards the little ones but my 7 year old had fun anyway.

We stopped for the buffet pizza for lunch and were surprised to find the restaurant quite empty, smiling staff (maybe because its the beginning of the season!) and we were very surprised to find out that under 3’s get a plate for free! The staff didn’t bat an eyelid when I announced that my stubborn 7 year old wanted to eat the sandwiches we had brought in case there wasn’t many food places open or they were very busy and therefore we wouldn’t want to pay for a plate for her.

The only small gripe I have with it is that my daughter wanted to see the ‘bigger animals’ like giraffes (I did too they are my favorite!)  but you can only see them from a viewing platform in the middle of the field. They are all in this big field like enclosure so that when the park is running properly you can see them by going on the safari ride. As a result of this there is no way you can see them properly like you would be able to in a proper Zoo but hey it was £15 I am not complaining!

Over all a good day was had by all. I am sure we will visit properly when the park is rammed fully open but for a cold and slightly wet half term day it was a good family day out!

C x

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