About Me!

Hi Everyone,

I have been thinking for a while about starting a blog but where to start? I spoke to a lovely friend of mine  (our babies are birthday buddies) and she suggested I start here…so here I am. (She is ‘themummystylist’ in case your wondering!)

I was wondering how this blogging thing works, I seem to have so much to say but we are all so busy that there is often no one to share it with, so This Crazy Mamma was born!

So a bit of background. I work for the NHS as a community nursery nurse for the health visiting team – very interesting, equally as stressful. I am currently on Maternity leave but am due back in April (boo!).

Ruby is now 8 months old and continuing to amaze us everyday with her standing and generally not sleeping, I cant remember what 8 hours of straight sleep feels like!

Hannah is what I am hoping a typical 7-year-old girl is like, full of attitude, shouts a lot and generally thinks she’s the boss.

Been happily with my better half, Mark, for 5 and a half years now. He works super hard and is my rock 🙂

Well that’s a bit about me, I cant wait to share some of my innermost thoughts (!) with everyone.

C x





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